We use the real world as our canvas.

When you discover a Bottleneck game, you’re already the main character.

We’ve been pioneering immersive games for over ten years, blurring fiction and reality to create radically new experiences. Our live events combine elements of video games, immersive theater, and other familiar experiences to put players at the center of stories that aren’t just played – they’re lived.

The turnout was amazing. I had never seen anything like it.
— Ryan Turek Director of Development, Blumhouse Productions

Our games stand alone.Or work together.


Plant secrets and integrate stories that are found in the real world.


A real-world game focused around one person.


Solve puzzles and escape a locked room under the time limit.


Elevate a party with a story that unfolds throughout the evening.

Fully Immersive

Bend reality and become part of a fully-formed world.

…One of the first things that utilized the internet in a way that should and hopefully will infect mainstream entertainment…
I could feel it inspiring me. That rush of adrenaline set in, the type of thing that as an artist you only feel once in a blue moon.
— Chris Gethard Comedian + Actor, Comedy Central / Fuse / UCB

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