The Immersive Horror Game at The Overlook Film Festival

This April,

on an isolated mountainside in the Pacific Northwest, we’ll unveil our biggest event yet: the next edition of our groundbreaking, weekend-long, fully immersive game.

We’ve partnered with the brand new Overlook Film Festival, a four-day celebration of all things horror, taking place at the genre's most iconic hotel, Timberline Lodge. Located just outside of Portland, Oregon, Timberline served as the infamous Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece The Shining.

We’ll be creating and producing the festival’s signature event: an entirely original mystery where players find themselves living at the center of a real-life horror movie, playing out in real time throughout the festival. The open world format of the game allows players to explore the story and engage on their own terms, and participate in a variety of unique ways – creating a truly personalized experience.

It gave a great shape to the whole festival, allowing me to just start talking to random strangers who I had seen getting involved in the game - it was the ultimate ice breaker.
— Birth.Movies.Death ...on Bottleneck's past immersive weekend games

The game will be available exclusively to badge holders of the Overlook Film Festival, with reality-bending game experiences available to those who opt-in for a more active experience. Festival badges are still available, and can be purchased online.

The game permeates the entire festival, complete with planted actors, hidden clues, tactile puzzles, and surprising twists – but every player can engage at their own comfort level. Those who seek a deeper experience will have the opportunity to opt-in at a higher level to receive personalized engagement, private experiences, and additional bonus content from the game masters and characters. No two players will have the exact same experience!

More information about active game registration will be released as the festival draws near. VIP slots will be limited, so keep your eyes open and sign up to the mailing list.

Details of the game’s story won’t be revealed until the Festival. And remember: discovering how to play is all part of the game.