In Fall 2016,

word of a pop-up escape room rippled through Fantastic Fest in Austin – the Satanic Panic Room.

We teamed up with Alamo Drafthouse to design and produce Fantastic Fest’s first-ever escape room, operating as a limited-run experience alongside the film festival. Buzz for the room quickly spread throughout the festival, and tickets were entirely sold out within the first week. The room's run was extended past the festival due to demand, delighting players through Halloween 2016.

It was the kind of overwhelming plot twist we weren’t expecting...The four of us were still buzzing with adrenaline!
— Christian Long Uproxx

A first in the world of escape rooms, all four players began the game cloaked in ritual garb, blindfolded, and shackled to the chamber in various ways – determined by choice made before the game had even begun. They were then given 45 minutes to solve a series of exciting, innovative, and demonically difficult puzzles in a room steeped in a Satanic Cult atmosphere.

By searching for clues, cracking codes, and working together, each team could prove themselves worthy, win over the Dark Lord and rule by his side – or fail, and become his next sacrifice.

[An] extremely clever and meticulously timed experience, in which you start off chained by the hands and feet and, if you win, emerge a disciple of Lucifer.
— Jordan Hoffman The Guardian